We at Ryan's Auto Repair, offer three types of services.

1). Full Service

Includes replacement of the engine oil and filters, air filter, fuel filter, and spark
plugs; checking the brake and suspension systems, timing belt or chain, and tire
pressure; and greasing the doors and suspension.
This service should be done at least once a year.
3). Transmission & Coolant Services

Includes the replacement of either the transmission fluid and
strainer or the
flushing of the coolant system.
This service should be carried out at least once a year.
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2). Tune Up

Includes replacement of the engine oil and filter, along
with the air filter.  Fuel
filter and spark plugs will be checked for dirt and excess
wear. The suspension &
brake systems will also be checked.
This service should be done every 3 to 4 months.
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Service Notes:
Belt snaps while the engine is on,
damaging piston heads and valves. The
repair cost of this will be very
expensive. The maintenance schedule
should be strictly observed
How to Know when you have bad shocks or struts!

*  If pitching results when you push down on the vehicle.

*  Shock absorbers need to be replaced if there is nose-dive
when you rapidly depress the brake pedal while driving

*   Oil leakage down the outer tube
Warning signs of poor brake pads or shoes.
Vibration in the steering wheel.
Squeaking or grinding sound.
Brake rotor and disc should be replaced when signs of worn metal or
pulsation in the wheel occur.

Preventative Maintenance

Allows the technicians to check for damages before they occur.

To avoid this happening to you, please make sure to contact us today
and make an appointment to have your vehicle checked.
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